What do you expect of us at the first early access of the game?

Arda Süer Özçelik on 22 July 2017

Hello everyone,

Pocket Universe is a open-world game but early access v1 have little more limited world.We will build the world in the future and we will shape it according to your feedback.Pocket Universe have a four faction but early access v1 have a one faction(Retro Mask).But don’t worry in a very short time other factions will be added.The other subject artificial intelligence.We dont use 3rd paty ai.We development  own ai.A long topic, let’s talk briefly.Main features for ai;NPC sensor:Analyze the characters around NPC and understand it as a friendly enemy.if they are friendly According to the degree of friendship between characters They can talk, they can fight or they can pass by.If they are enemy atack to enemy or fleeNPC job motor:If npc havent a job,this script Directs character to small work.Let’s talk about this for now, then we will focus on it in detail.What can be done in the first version(Without going into details).We have a own fief.Manage your fief and people,trait soldier defence your land,complete missions etc..To discuss in more detail in the future.

Best Regards,

Arda Süer Özçelik

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