Why Early Access?

Pocket Universe is a one person project.We budget are a limited.But we have big ideas.Early access, big chance for us.Project is a big but dont worry we work of hard.My wish, build a big company so we need more complicated and new type games.We offer you play strategy game like as rpg.And more two different game for future(one game is a medieval template).You help us and we offer you more and better quality games.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

While playing rpg game, enjoy the strategy game
You can access all the strategic items thanks to the help npc while playing the game rpg
First Person Action
RPG and strategy elements
Four Factions
16.000 km2 mainland + 4.000 km2 island map
Minimum 10 hours main mission
Every Npc own personality
Every npc have friends,enemy,have their own thought etc.
100+ buildable building
Buildings you can build in your own districts and outposts
125 different soldier troops
Number of Soldier type trained by yourself and other communities
10 capturable village and outpost
Coincidental artificial intelligence

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Map is 4000 km2
Some Npc own personality
22 buildable building
7 different troops
1 capturable village
Casual AI and graphic