The United Nations has gathered a team of the worlds foremost scientists. The task of the team was to do experiments on the theory of relativity. Experiments have begun to give results that no one ever expected. And scientists succeeded in creating an incredible invention, They managed to create a pocket universe but it was small. With this end result of United Nations officials, they wanted to stop the other experiments and only work on the pocket universe experiment. The work went great, and even though there were small differences, they managed to create a similar universe to our universe.

Now the universe was ready for what it was used for. Members of the United Nations believed that the pocket universe was safe and convenient for conducting secret and important research and experiments. Hundreds of people and their equipment have been sent to the Pocket Universe. Work continued for ten years. Something must have gone wrong in the pocket universe that the United Nations announced that the whole team lost their lives in a plane crash. What happened in the Pocket Universe was hidden in the secret files of the United Nations. And the entrance to the pocket universe was sealed not to open again.

Closing Day

10 Years later

An emergency call was made to Earth after the unidentified explosion of Macca Dynamic Underground Experimental Center. According to Macca Dynamic MA010414 Presidents statement, all connections were disconnected after one hour from the emergency call and the gate was not working. The team, which was disconnected from the world, lived for two years according to the emergency rules. Emergency rule has the highest competent authority in accordance with the companys team and everything is on his control. In these two years the division under the presidents team has begun. It was the workers who started the first riot, then scientists and soldiers.

Crying Womens War

In the third year of the intervention, groupings became more and more nervous. The president of the company separated a working class woman from her husband and threw her husband into the cell. This movement initiated the rebellion of workers. This is why the war is called Crying Womens War. After the rebellion, 4 main groups emerged. President and servants The Kingdom, soldiers Five Commandos, scientists People of Tomorrow, workers Retro Masks they called. After five years in the fighting, the president died and his son take the place of president after the groups began to approach each other more positively. The peace agreement came when they convinced the thousand people dead will be danger of the population.